Payroll Services

According to the Labor Laws and Tax Regulations, the company shall comply those laws defined by the Ministry of Labour (, Social Security Office ( and the Revenue Office (  

Shine Global provides standard payroll services according to the tax and labor laws.  The service provides a competitive advantage and reduces the fixed costs of companies. We continue to serve the company with our team of experts of payroll processing and personal tax advices with confidentiality.

Shine Global provides the following payroll services

  • Calculate payroll on the required periods e.g. weekly, monthly based on timesheet information of the client for both Thai and foreigner
  • Transfer salary and wage to the employees
  • Issuances pay slip in carbon
  • Submit monthly Social Security Fund
  • Submit monthly personal income tax (PND 1)
  • Submit annual personal income tax (PND 1Kor) both Thai and foreigner
  • Submit annual social security fund