SGA made the choice to develop its Insurance Brokerage product with WrLife

Shine Global Advisory Co. Ltd. is partnered with WrLife, a participative Insurance based in London, which aims to distribute a part of the profit to the Insured and to gather money for foundations. 

SGA made the choice to develop its Insurance Brokerage product with WrLife because we strongly believe that the insurance world must change, especially for the Expatriate Community. Indeed, several insurance companies target high profits in connection with the stock markets, while WrLife avoids it. Instead, we propose a mutualist concept much more ethic and respectful of our Clients in order to meet their real needs. 

Therefore, in addition to offering a wide range of premium health coverage, WrLife is committed to controlling its prices, which will avoid the unpleasant surprise of an annual renewal at an exorbitant cost, and often at the last minute, as many Expats may have experienced that already.

Also, the less you spend on medical care, the less your contribution will be adjusted from the following year. It is such mutual benefit concept that allows WrLife to maintain very attractive rates each year to enable you to control your budget and plan on a long term.

More Ethic, More visible, Better price

We have several policies, starting from local guarantees to the Elite ones, and various choices of modules to fit your needs and budget. We also propose a “complementary CFE” module for French Expatriates around the world. 

Our solutions are also adapted to the current medical risks. For example, you must be covered in the event of a cancer and other chronic diseases or genetic disorders because they are very expensive. With the tremendous medical improvements, nowadays you can receive a treatment at home, without going to the hospital. A monthly treatment (box of innovative medicine) can cost several thousand USD/EUR per month. WrLife covers the cancer treatment including the box of innovative medicine for chronic diseases. Genetic disorders are not excluded.

Last, but not least, WrLife offers other significant advantages such as:

  • the third-party payment for your Inpatient cost, as well as Outpatient follow-up, via our AIS platform (Assist International Services) based in Bangkok. You will not have to pay anything, we will pay directly to the hospital or the clinic of your choice,
  • the couple, family, group and corporate options offering preferential rates,
  • the local plans, adapted to the retired community because matching with the new visa requirements,
  • the 100% online subscription, easy and convenient,
  • the reimbursements within 48 hours (for the sudden outpatient cost),
  • the sponsorship of friends, or professional connections, offering an immediate 10% discount based on your current membership fee,
  • the choice in the method of payment as well as the frequency (monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual without any impact on the total amount of your subscription fee).

To subscribe or to request additional information, please, contact Manuel Ollivier who is directly in charge of our Insurance brokerage service in Thailand. We will propose you the most suitable health insurance policy to meet your needs. Thank you. 

Manuel Ollivier
Insurance Broker

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